January 20, 2019

USATF New York

I am trying to get an idea on who all is interested in running at New York on March 15,16,17. I am trying to figure out the best way to travel up and rooms. The cost will be for travel up and back and rooms for at least 4 nights maybe 5 nights. I am look at vans, charter bus and maybe even air travel. Please if you are interested at all please let me know. This is a national championship and all ages can go to run. I am trying to figure out cost for the meet if at all possible. I try to keep them down but this one is going to be a little pricey. Kids will have to miss a few days of school but most schools will make this an educational trip and they will not be counted absent. If you need help on how to do that please let me know. If you are interested in going please contact Tim King at teamkentucky@gmail.com or 859-653-5907.


Tim King